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Olives + Pickles
  • Heinz Ploughmans Pickles

    Heinz Ploughmans Pickle is, unsurprisingly, the perfect pickle to go with a ploughman's lunch. It has a tangy flavour that perfectly complements cheeses and cold cuts. Try a spot of Heinz Ploughmans Pickle in your...

  • Heinz Paccalili Pickle Mix

    This Piccalilli Pickle is a deliciously fruity and tangy pickle from sauce masters Heinz. It contains an intoxicating mixture of marrow, cauliflower and turmeric as well as various other vegetables and spices. Heinz Piccalilli Pickle is a great...

  • Caperberries

    Caper berries taste like capers, but milder. Their pungency and floral flavor is subdued and typically, less salt is used in their solution

  • Cornichons

    Cornichons are made with mini gherkin cucumbers, one to two inches in length and harvested before reaching full maturity for an extra-tart bite.