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  • French Inspired Block Print Napkins set of 4

    Details A fine linen cloth napkin transforms the ordinary meal into a dining experience and makes guests feel cared for, adding an extra element of polish to any occasion. Bring the romance of Southern France to your home with our richly colored,...

  • Handblock Printed Napkins Set of 4

    Our Handblock Printed Napkins are 100% cotton, 20" x 20" and machine washable.  The process of block printed fabric is done with using wood blocks made of Sheesham wood crafted by artisans. Each color is printed with a different block to complete...

  • French Vintage Style Linen Napkins Set of 4

    Details Because Khadhi linen fabric is entirely handmade – from the spinning to weaving stage, it has a natural, earthy look and feeling. At the same time, it’s understated and chic. These Khadi runners, napkins and handkerchiefs are perfect...

  • Two-Tone Gingham Napkins Set of 4

    Details Featuring a fresh approach to a classic pattern, two-tone napkins make tasteful complements to any outdoor celebration, casual table setting, or sunny kitchen. Available in a variety of bright, uplifting colors, these napkins are designed to...

  • Chunky Linen Napkin set of 4

    Details Chunky Linen is entirely handmade and has a natural, earthy look and feeling. The blend of modern and rustic design creates a very organic aesthetic, which truly embodies a vintage and nostalgic French style. Display these refined linens as...