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Bath Soaks
  • Naked Bath Bombs

    Our hand-packed bath bombs are the ultimate luxury! Each one has been designed to set a particular mood and create a calm and relaxing experience. They are a new must in your bathing ritual – and a great complement to our artisan soaps...

  • Framboise+Clay Cleansing Bomb

    A raspberry and vanilla infused bomb with rose clay for a purifying cleanse. Packaged in a cute pouch/comes with two 5 oz/2.25 inch bombs 100% botanicals/plant dyed/non toxic/no synthetic ingredients    

  • French Lavender+Vanilla bath bomb 2 pack

    Fresh French lavender + Soft Vanilla infused bomb packaged in a cute zip pouch with a dried lavender sprig. two 5 oz/2.25 inch bombs in each pouch 100% botanicals/plant dyed/non toxic/no synthetic ingredients

  • I Dream In Flowers Sleep Shower Steamers

    These beautiful sleep steamers are blended with Neroli + Vanilla + Lavender + Cedarwood + Frankincense + Bergamot + dried bespoke botanicals to sooth + calm + relax. They can double as a bath tablet as well. Wet to activate and place on the shelf of...

  • Pure Wellness Lavender + Peppermint Organic Shower Steamers

    Pure Wellness Shower Steamers Organic Lavender + Organic Peppermint Essential oil diffuse to calm, uplift and regenerate your soul. dried lavender botanicals on top cruelty free natural and organic ingredients no dyes epsom salts/citric acid/baking...

  • Pure Energy Eucalyptus + Peppermint organic shower steamers

    Pure Energy peppermint and eucalyptus shower steamers Organic Eucalyptus + Organic Peppermint essential oils epsom salts/baking soda/citric acid/dried seeded eucalyptus Relive stess/clear your respitory tract/rejuvinate your spirit cruelty free no dyes...

  • Lavender & Rosemary Bath Melts

    Treat yourself to an indulgent bathing experience and enhance skin’s moisture with our Buck Naked Bath Melts. Luxury butters, oils and essential oils melt into your bath water, ready to be drawn into your skin to provide silky smooth results...