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Bath & Body
  • Moisturizing Mist

    —  20% Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 10% Soybean Oil (Non-GMO), 5% Geraniol.—  Cools as it refreshes.—  No Synthetic Fragrances used. Cool and refresh the skin on hot summer nights. Soften the skin with Hemp and Jojoba...

  • Body Incense

    100% Pure Essential Oils in a base of Jojoba Oil. Composed note by note of flowers, fruits, plants, wood and smoke. For those who believe in a love that will last. Reminiscent of the guy or gal who has traveled the world. A mystical smell worn...

  • Illuminate Eye Serum

    ILLUMINATE EYE SERUM Roll around the eyes, face, and any area that requires a rosy shimmer. A combination of botanicals and minerals that will nourish, de puff, and illuminate delicate skin. INGREDIENTS Organic virgin rose hip seed oil, organic...

  • Rose Dew Face Serum

    ROSE DEW FACE SERUM Roses are the queen of flowers, heart opening, and one of the most revered essential oils. Blended with other adoring oils that assist the skin to retain it’s youthful elasticity. This daily ritual will keep you glowing with...

  • Bath Melts

    Treat yourself to an indulgent bathing experience and enhance skin’s moisture with our Buck Naked Bath Melts. Luxury butters, oils and essential oils melt into your bath water, ready to be drawn into your skin to provide silky smooth results...

  • Huile d'Or Organic Hair Repair 2 fl. oz

    Huile d'Or is a lightweight and absorbent ends treatment that can be used daily or all through the hair and scalp as a weekly treatment. Rosemary & Cedarwood stimulate hair growth and purify the scalp.

  • Athena Dry Body Oil

    Named after the goddess of wisdom and military victory, this luxurious, protective formula acts as a virtual suit of armor against free radicals and the psychic ravages of the world.  Wild-crafted grapeseed oil from the Mediterranean, rich in...

  • Pale Dusk Winter Facial Oil

    Hydrating Facial OilEvens skin tone and reduces redness caused by dry skinSoothes and hydrates naturally during the drying winter monthsEssential Oils to tone, disinfect, anti-aging properties, reduce stress, deepen spiritual connection, promotes opening...

  • La Reine de Rose

    This rare wild rose grows in preserved natural enclaves in the Chilean Andes. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids whose virtues include fostering cellular regeneration and making cell walls more supple. With its opulent scent, rosehip oil brings...

  • Organic Evening Primrose Youth Serum

    A concentrated blend of precious therapeutic grade healing oils including Primrose Oil and pure Rose Essential Oil. The cold-pressed oil from the seeds from the vivid yellow primrose flower revives a dull complexion and provides its famous...

  • Morning Dew Facial Cleanser 8 fl. oz

    According to Irish folklore, washing your face with morning dew was said to magically beautify, preventing freckles and wrinkles.  Far more potent than the dazzling crystalline drops collected at daybreak, this cleanser with hydrosols...

  • Jasmine Coconut Milk Bath - 472ml

    Take a dip into extravagant, skin enriching luxury with the Buck Naked Jasmine Coconut Milk Bath! This vegan coconut milk bath is rich in vitamin C, magnesium and copper, which help maintain skin elasticity and aid in the prevention of wrinkles...