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Garden Pots
  • Romantic Urn

    Aaahh Romance! Can’t get enough of the stuff, including this lovely urn. This container can make a grand statement when used as a centerpiece.11.5″D 9″H, fits square metal saucer #5

  • Aged Trojan Centerpiece Planter

    Literally inspired by a piece Robin found in bronze while visiting friends in Istanbul he decided this would make a lovely addition to Campo’s terra cotta collection. We make this pot in two sizes and it is especially coveted as a center piece. A...

  • Aged Allende Urn

    A lovely mix of European and Native American design, these pots feature practical handles, and can be used just as easily for decorative purposes as for planting.  Small: 9″D 8.5″HMedium: 12″D 10″HLarge: 13″D 12″H

  • Aged Ornate Planter

    With a garland of flowers around its belly this elegant planter makes a fine addition to any terrace, and is especially nice for those of us who enjoy a textured, romantic theme. 14″D 11″H 

  • Aged Equi Planter

    A simple cross design is etched around the body of the pot for a truly classical English Country look. 5″D 4″H 11″D 8″H 14″D 13″H    

  • Aged Woven Planter

    A classic country planter often seen in both Great Britain and France this woven planter is a happy addition to any country home.  Large 15″D 12″H Medium 11"D 8"H

  • Aged Rustic Round Planter

    Aged Rustic Round Planter The ageless simplicity of this design caught Robin’s eye years ago and remains along with the other Rustic designs one of the most popular Campo de’ Fiori offerings. Medium: 9.25″D 4.75″H Large:...