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Garden Pots
  • Amalfi Planter

    The Amalfi has a classical Mediterranean provenance and comes in three sizes. Small: 7″W  8″HMedium: 9″W  10″HLarge: 11″W 12″H

  • Romantic Urn

    Aaahh Romance! Can’t get enough of the stuff, including this lovely urn. This container can make a grand statement when used as a centerpiece.11.5″D 9″H, fits square metal saucer #5

  • Aged Trojan Centerpiece Planter

    Literally inspired by a piece Robin found in bronze while visiting friends in Istanbul he decided this would make a lovely addition to Campo’s terra cotta collection. We make this pot in two sizes and it is especially coveted as a center piece. A...

  • Aged Allende Urn

    A lovely mix of European and Native American design, these pots feature practical handles, and can be used just as easily for decorative purposes as for planting.  Small: 9″D 8.5″HMedium: 12″D 10″HLarge: 13″D 12″H

  • Aged Ornate Planter

    With a garland of flowers around its belly this elegant planter makes a fine addition to any terrace, and is especially nice for those of us who enjoy a textured, romantic theme. 14″D 11″H