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Beach Lake Bread
  • Sandwich Challah

    This is the bread of choice we recommend for French toast. Its soft yellow crumb comes from the bright orange yolks we add to the dough. Many of our customers prefer this loaf over the challah braid for its more uniform slices...

  • Challah Braid

    This traditional egg bread is lightly sweetened with a touch of honey. It makes the best French toast you've ever tasted! (Lactose free)

  • Lisa's Sourdough

    Because this bread is made with levain, a natural sourdough, and no added yeast, we let it ferment for 36 hours before forming it into loaves. The extra fermentation time gives it a robust, sour flavor. We recommend it for hard and...

  • Italian Semolina, Long

    A perfect accompaniment for pasta and meat dishes. The sesame seeds add a delicate crunch.

  • Old World Rye

    We make our rye loaf using a 60/40 mix of rye and white flour. A generous amount of sourdough gives this bread a slightly tangy flavor. Have it toasted or as a sandwich with your favorite meats. Please note: we don't put caraway...

  • Wheat Boule

    A mild wheat bread with a hint of sourdough and honey. Its soft crumb makes it an excellent choice for open-faced sandwiches and toast. Carve out the top and it becomes a bowl for dips. 

  • Sourdough Baguette

    We make this loaf using our sourdough starter in place of a traditional baguette poolish, and give it a 36-hour fermentation. Once baked, its crumb is dense, chewy and flavorful. We especially recommend it for serving with charcuterie plates and hard...

  • 3 Seed Sourdough

    Flax seeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds are blended together in this hearty sourdough loaf. We recommend it for hot soups, stews, cheese sandwiches, and avocado toast.  

  • Sandwich Barn Loaf

    A sandwich loaf with a soft crumb, and like all our breads, it is made with unbromated, unbleached white & durum flours.

  • Sandwich Rye Loaf

    If you’ve already tried our traditional Old World Rye, but prefer more uniform slices for sandwiches, this loaf is for you! Please note: we don't put caraway seeds in our rye. 

  • Bread with Saints

    Pane coi Santi—or Bread with Saints—is a dark, hearty loaf from Italy. Made with white, wheat, and rye flour, it is chock-full of plump raisins and toasted walnuts--the "saints." We often eat it plain, but try it toasted with butter or cream...

  • Italian Semolina, Short

    A true Italian loaf made with durum flour, this bread is the perfect choice for meat or cheese sandwiches or as a side with pasta dishes. The toasted sesame seeds add a delicate crunch.